Morgan Walker is just a young black woman from New Orleans, with the gift of bringing people together, for events, for bike rides, for protest, for anything positive. Morgan is passionate about true change for the city of New Orleans and believes that its starts with organizing the young people of our city. 

Money. Power. Respect. Community. 

These are words that entrepreneur and curator Morgan Walker takes seriously as a businesswoman. Walker has defied the odds of leading a male dominant industry in her hometown of New Orleans as the only female night-life promoter in the city. She doesn’t take the pressure lightly, instead, she’s more motivated than ever to get everything that’s aligned with her destiny. 

Walker has navigated her dreams with determination, not taking no for an answer, using her business savvy to close deals, and understanding when to pivot in her industry. 


Walker’s massive events bring out 1,000’s of attendees for one of a kind experiences, high-quality events, celebrations, and celeb-infused parties. Walker’promotions journey then led her to start street teams for ESSENCE Festival. She also wasn’t afraid to volunteer, work the doors, and learn the game from industry vets like Greg “Gee Willie” Johnson. 

After the many lessons in nightlife promotions, she was soon ready to try it on her own and started to create signature events such as End Zone ,Silent Party Nola, and the top concerts in the city. Walker has had her share of obstacles as a nightlife promoter and it’s only shaped her and made her stronger. Walker wanted to deepen her purpose by starting various community initiatives like her annual “A Merry Morgan Christmas”. 

She’s hosted the event at local elementary/middle schools to provide prep rally-style experiences with motivational-entrepreneur speakers, gifts, and group-building activities. She’s partnered with athletes like the New Orleans Saint’s rookie of the year, Alvin Kamara. Walker is breaking even more ceilings by being the only black woman to own Urban Fetes headphones for popular Silent Parties. 

Walker doesn’t have any plans to stop any time soon and she’s expanding her business into the real estate industry, curating more women empowerment events and large-scale festivals.

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